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Diminished XP from review preventing streak growing?

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So I've found myself in the group of users being experimented on by not getting full XP for strengthening skills. Today I strengthened a skill which had diminished and received just 8XP. Which, annoying, but it's nearly midnight, I've just got in from work, I'll take what I can get.

Except then I noticed that my streak didn't have a tick on it and hadn't gone up. After I completed another exercise (this time receiving 10XP, with no apparent difference between the exercises, sigh) then my streak did go up. Has anyone else had this happen?

(Fortunately I had come through to the discussion section to see if I could find anyone talking about the reduced XP problem and in the process, noticed my streak hadn't gone up. Otherwise I'd have just closed the site and moved on - and then been very angry tomorrow to discover my streak destroyed!)

This must have happened before too (I' once previously, a couple of weeks ago, also gained less than 10XP for a strengthening exercise) because I notice now that I apparently have used the streak freeze I had activated and I know I haven't missed a day.

If the rules have changed to require minimum XP to be earnt before your streak goes up then Duo really, really needs to make that clear!

February 26, 2015



Do you have coach activated? It may be on at a difficulty setting of 10 XP, just turn it down to 1 and you should be fine :) And it's no longer just you, after testing it for one week everyone's got it...

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Is the coach the daily goal thing? I do, indeed, have it set to 10XP (because when it first came up, that was the lowest I'd ever be able to get in a day so it didn't seem a problem). Shame that wasn't more obvious, I'm annoyed to have lost my streak freeze for that.

Thank you for your help!

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