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Duolingo community only for users learning non-English languages ?

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I am puzzled. Why is it that the discussion in the Duolingo Community is restricted to English speaking users learning other languages, while the streams of users learning English (at present Spanish, Portuguese, Italian speakers) do not have access to the general Duolingo community Discussion ? After all everybody needs English anyway to work with Duolingo, and if you want to post something in "your" language you can do it anyway :-)

December 5, 2012



People learning English from Spanish post in Spanish. The ones learning from Portuguese post in Portuguese. We don't think somebody learning French should be seeing posts e.g. in Portuguese.

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Thanks Luis; after the changes in the homepage (language flag) I see your point; I had expected a "Duolingo thread for all users" to have a "bonding" effect; as it is every language has its own Duolingo thread which can be a bit confusing. Never mind; you all are doing a tremendous job considering your limited manpower and tight schedule !!!

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