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"Das Zimmer"

Translation:The room

August 20, 2013



There's a german movie called "Das Zimmermadchen", does it mean "the girl of the room"?


Well, that would be a very direct translation of the compound word, considering "roomgirl" isn't really a thing in English i guess ;)

But if you look at the etymology it becomes clear what it actually means. "Zimmermädchen" is a relatively recent term i think, probably already becoming obsolete again. It has multiple closely related terms, like "Hausmädchen", or a bit older, "Stubenmädchen", or "Kammermädchen", which are all derived from older terms, like "Hausmagd", which are under the umbrella term "Magd". And here the relation to the english word becomes pretty clear "die Magd" -> "maid".

So "Zimmermädchen" is a maid which is specifically responsible for rooms, like a chambermaid, today mostly used to refer to cleaning staff in hotels or other holiday accomodation.


When I am selecting the article "die Zimmer" should also be correct, because without context it could be plural as well, right?


no, when you have to select you always must select the singular


The German word for house-broken is a little more positive than "broken": der Hund ist Zimmerrein, rein meaning tidy or pure.


I've only ever heard stubenrein -- Stube is an old or regional word for a room (especially a "fancy" one).


Best movie ever made


Is "Das Zimmer" both singular and plural?


"das Zimmer" = singular

"die Zimmer" = plural

so in nominativ it doesn't change, in other cases it still can though.


Can "Zimmer" be translated as "chamber"?


"chamber" -> "die Kammer"


I understand that all german nouns are capitalized, but is there any reason for it?


Because they're nouns. Like in English we capitalize "Proper Nouns".


I always used "Der Raum" as "The room", why isn't this acceptable?


This is already adressed in some other comments. Translating "room" as "der Raum" is kind of a false friend, because "der Raum" in German is more connected to the general concept of "space".


What is the exact pronounce? I keep hearing 'simma' with a soft s, but also 'timma'.


I've always viewed the German 'S' as being pronounced like an English 'Z', and I haven't noticed any real difference between their Z and S. Both seem to have that slight 'T' sound.


How do you know if duolingo expect you to fill "the" instead of "a" in such a sentence? aren't both correct?


"a room" would be ein Zimmer. eine Zimmer, einen Zimmer are both incorrect.

Since der Zimmer is also wrong, only das Zimmer is correct, from out of the four options provided.


i learned most of this lesson through tiny cards and honestly "Das Zimmer" not being described as a chamber is the only error i've gotten so far.


I said it correctly but said i didnt excuse me i recored both and they sounded the same


"Der Raum." rejected.



If you came to this sentence discussion, then you probably had either a "translate this German sentence to English" exercise, or a "type what you hear in German" exercise.

In neither case would der Raum be an answer for das Zimmer: it's neither an English translation, nor is it what the voice said.

What kind of exercise did you have? Do you have a screenshot you can share?

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