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Reset time zone?

I was traveling last week and Duolingo seems to have adjusted my time zone accordingly... but now that I'm back home, it won't go back to normal. As a result, my day now ends at 9pm, which is very inconvenient for keeping my streak up. Anybody know a way I can force Duolingo to reassess what time zone I'm in? I emailed support days ago, then tweeted at them to try to get someone's attention, but haven't heard a peep back.

I haven't lost my streak but only because I keep buying streak freezes that get eaten when I'm not able to practice until 9:30 or so. It's incredibly frustrating, and all the more frustrating not to get any help. If support doesn't actually get back to people in a timely manner, their autorespond message should say that.

February 27, 2015



Well, I think I managed to solve it (or someone on Duo's end fixed it just now).

In case someone else has this problem and finds this thread: I logged out of Duolingo from all my devices, quit the app on my phone and iPad, and quit my browser here on my laptop. Then I reopened my browser and signed back in. I now (rightly) see 4 hours left to meet my goal, rather than 1. I'm not sure if it's the logging out everywhere or what, but at least it worked. (Note: I didn't even take the laptop out of this time zone - it stayed here while I traveled.)

Of course I still lost lingots on streak freezes this week, but since I seldom use them for anything anyway I don't care much.


Your solution, i.e., log out of Duolingo on all devices, fixed the problem for me. I live in Florida but was using Duolingo while in Australia for a few weeks and the start and end of day got messed up. Thank you.


I have been having the same problem. Every since I started duolingo, it has been 2 hours ahead of my time. This would not be a problem if I did not often work until 10:00pm my time. Whenever I forget to take a test before I go to work at 1pm, it starts over. My phone is not compatible with the app, and it is very disheartening.

I tried logging out of every device and then back in, but this did not fix the problem. Any other hints?


No, sorry! Mine was originally this time zone, then switched away temporarily. I guess the only thing I can suggest is quitting the browser (or closing the browser app, etc.) before reopening and logging back in?

I'm curious what will happen when Daylight Savings begins where I am tonight. Will Duolingo follow suit, or will I be off again?


Will try quitting the browser tomorrow. I just hit Daylight Savings, and it adjusted itself normally... still in the wrong time zone, but no more or less than before. Thanks for the advice, I'll let you know how it goes.


Interestingly, mine seems to have gotten confused by Daylight Savings... I finished my lessons late last night (between 11 and midnight), but now it shows on my graph as no XP yesterday and all today. I didn't lose my streak, though. Very weird.


I had the same problem...lost my 200 day streak!!! I reported it to staff, and after about a week, it seems to be okay now. (my phone had changed time zones on me) Now I am reduced to a 36 day streak. : (

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