Translation:Does the boy see strawberries?

3 years ago



lol I thought this was 'see the boy straberries?'

3 years ago


Me too haha

2 years ago

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Where is word for "any"? Please explain.

3 years ago


Could this also be 'see the young strawberries?' like non ripe?

3 years ago

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No, that would be Zie de jonge aardbeien and cannot be a question. In a question it would be Zie je de jonge aardbeien?

BTW in Dutch I wouldn't use jong to refer to unripe. I'd rather use onrijp or groen (green). For fresh/just ripe, we use vers and if you leave it for too long it gets oud (old).

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No. And that is how you realize that your boy is colorblind. True story.

1 year ago


This ❤❤❤❤ is ❤❤❤❤ I put does the boy see strawberries and it still was wrong

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Still waiting to see how "any" is apparent in this sentence.

3 months ago


Let me explain it this way. If a Dutch person went to the ocean on vacation, on their return a friend might ask, "Heb je dolfijnen gezien?" They're not asking, "Have you seen dolphins?" (a literal translation) but rather "Did you see any dolphins?" It is apparent to the Dutch person in the context of the question. One possible answer might be, "Nee, helaas hebben we deze keer geen dolfijnen gezien." "No, unfortunately we didn't see any dolphins this time." (By the way, if you add an adverb or other modifier, then it can have the connotation of 'have you seen?' Heb je weleens dolfijnen gezien? Have you ever seen dolphins before?)

Depending on the context, if the noun is plural and not preceded by an article, you can interpret that as 'any.' For example:

Zie je insecten op de bloemen? Do you see any insects on the flowers?

Zie je gaten in kleding? Do you see any holes in (your) clothing?

Zie je gaten in mijn plan? Do you see any flaws in my plan?

Zie je plaatjes bij jouw paddenstoel? Do you see any gills on your mushroom?

Ziet de jongen aardbeien in de mand? Does the boy see any strawberries in the basket?

The sentence seems kind of odd to me. But I can imagine one of those outdated educational films for young children where they show a little boy toddling around. At first he doesn't see the strawberries and the narrator asks, "Ziet de jongen aardbeien?" (Does the boy see any strawberries?) And then of course the boy sees the strawberries and runs over and tries one. "Lekker vers," says the narrator. (Nice and fresh.)

3 months ago
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