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  5. "Is de bus rood of geel?"

"Is de bus rood of geel?"

Translation:Is the bus red or yellow?

February 27, 2015



Is de jurk blauw en zwart of wit en goud?


hard to make anything of the audio un understood "Groot"


Why does it matter?


In my city it matters, because the park & ride busses are colour coded according to which outskirt they come in from. So if you get on the wrong colour bus you could end up five miles away from where you parked your car!


Interesting. Here in Israel it goes by company: Egged (the biggest one, operating everywhere) uses green buses, Dan (active in Gush Dan) uses blue ones, Nateev Express (active mostly around HaSharon region) is orange...


In London you can only use contactless cards or a prepayment card on red busses. On any other colour they accept cash, so it is a sentence that has some use.

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