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"Ele não contou o que acontecerá."

Translation:He did not tell what will happen.

August 20, 2013



Why not also: He did not say what would happen ?


The Duolingo sentence sounds a little strange because we usually tell someone something. Your sentence sounds good but "would" and "will" are not equivalent. If they had wanted "would" they would have used "aconteceria" I think.


and say = dizer and tell = contar


"would happen" means "aconteceria". I'm from Brazil.


Why do the hints suggest it's "he has not told"?


This is what I call the "present perfect" problem. Both "told" and "has told" are translated using the same word "contou" in Portuguese. Using the literal "tem contado" for the second case gives something more like "has been telling".

This sentence could be translated as "He {has not told | didn't tell} (us) what will happen". (Despite it not being explicit in the Portuguese sentence I've included "us" to make the English sentence work - I don't think it would be accepted by Duolingo).

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