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issue with "translate this word: bread"

So I accidentally moved forward before I could report a problem, but I hit a bunch of reviews to do with "bread/bröd" in my review tonight, and while all the text questions had me translate the word "bread" on its own as "bröd", I hit a problem with the picture version.

When I got the question "translate this word: bread", with the three pictures of bread, I obviously answered "bröd" not only because that's the correct answer but because the previous text questions had only wanted "bröd" as an answer.

But when I simply typed in "bröd", it told me I was incorrect and the answer should have been "ett bröd".

I feel like this is just some sort of oversight, and I"m sorry that I wasn't able to "report a problem" for that specific question, but I thought I should bring it to the attention of the moderators of this course.

Tack så mycket!

February 27, 2015



Thank you, we're looking into this. It seems to be correct in the incubator, so I can't find the reason right away. With stuff like this, it is generally very useful to have screenshots of what happens, so if you or anyone else who reads this could provide one, that would be very helpful.


It's hella picky about a/an/the... If it asks for the bread, and you just put bröd, it doesn't show you a bit of mercy! :P

I mess these up more than 50% of the time because I don't see the indefinite article before the word and I just type the word and it marks it wrong and I ragequit.


Yeah, and annoying as that is, I get that. this problem was there WAS no article before the word, it was just "translate the word bread", which doesn't have an article, so it should just be "bröd", especially coming off a line of other nouns without articles where that was CORRECT.

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