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Learning more then one language?

Hi all I notice that a lot of you are learning more then one language at the same time. I wonder if that's not difficult to do, since some of the languages have a lot in common.

I would love to learn more languages here on Duolingo, but I'm not sure if it's a smart thing to take two (or more) at the same time.

Any opinions about this?

August 20, 2013



You should only add more languages if you want to. Learning a language takes a lot of effort.

Some of the languages do have a lot in common, since most of them are romantic languages (and I happen to study three of them). It does get confusing. You can mix up words and spelling. But it can help you remember the words too.

My suggestion is, first get closer to mastering a language before starting another. (That way it'll be more effective.)

But keep in mind, it is your decision since everyone's learning habits are different but personally I think focusing on one is better.


The advice to get to a level 10 before starting a new one seems sound to me. It can get a little confusing but I think the bigger problem can be the division of time between them. There are only so many hours in a day. But seem people seem to move along just fine

I am doing French and Italian right now, both of which I've studied before, as well as Latin, so I already have a basic comfortability. My real focus is the Italian though, I try to get a minimum of 200 coins in a day and I utilize other resources to study it. With the French I just shoot for 20-30 minutes a day. Some days I do less--though I always do a little just to maintain my streak.

If you are a native English speaker, one really useful thing about learning a Romance language is that it makes learning the structure of an additional one much more understandable. I notice some peopel are juggling four languages at once and I know some of them have a Romance language as their native language, so perhaps it is easier for them.

Spanish is the other Romance language I want to learn and I also want German, which would be a departure for me, but I would like to wait until I am much farther along in these first two before I tackle anything else.


You can try, but you will have less time to practice first language. On the other side, the second language can make your learning more fun and interesting. I am satisfied with that.


You could try to learn more at once.For example French,Portugese or German .I reccomend you don't learn Italian since your learning Spanish they are alot in common.I tryed now I'm getting Spanish and Italian all mixed up together.That's why I'm telling because this has happend to me.Overall I think you should learn another language but it's your choice if you want to learn Italian with Spanish.I hope my answer really helps you and good luck ;)


Portuguese is as close to Spanish as Italian. As a native Spanish speaker, I can read Italian and Portuguese without problems ;-). So I can imagine Spanish+Portuguese at the same time getting pretty confusing very fast...


Yeah I know it can be really hard learning two close languages at the same time! Thanks for telling me that Portuguese and Spanish are close I really diden't know that!!! :)

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Try to get up to level 10 in your Spanish before starting another language .The languages here do complement each other in many ways and once you have a grounding in one language it will help you pick up the subsequent languages you choose to study.Also remember that the grammatical framework you learn studying your first foreign language is a skill you can draw upon not only in other foreign languages but also will consolidate your understanding of your mother tongue. Also it is important to grasp that once you start studying a language you are then a student of it for life -it's a living ,growing entity that is expanding every day so there's no point waiting until you "master " one before you have a go at another - why deprive yourself of the chance to communicate with millions more new people ? Good luck and enjoy the challenges !


I'm in no way an expert but I'd suggest having a main language, at least till you feel more comfortable. I get like 10 to 20 points each day in my second and third, but I'm really working on the German.

Remember, if it gets too much or it doesn't work then you can just stop.


If you want to learn two languages at a time, it doesn't matter. The language you know a bit first finish that and then try the try the other language, you'll not get confuse, in fact you'll notice some changes and say that in this (suppose French) language we say this (chaussure) to shoes. Like this you can learn but what you say is also right as i am learning french and also trying german. I got confused in 'is' as in german we say 'ist' and in french it is 'est'. So I agree to what you say but only in some words there is a confusion which can be solved by practicing, practicing and practicing. If you really Determine to learn a language only then you can. We say na ' Practice makes a man perfect".


Thanks all for your answers :) So far I'll be sticking with Spanish only. That's mostly because I'm not an English native speaker, and that makes it confusing at times as well (it is a good way to improve my English skills as well).

I still would love to learn other languages as well, but I don't want to rush things :)


This is a question I also had. I'm doing German now (which I love), but I would also like to pick up Spanish as it will have direct benefits for me at work. I am figuring on getting to at least level 10 before starting Spanish, and then I will probably break it up, 2/3 of time for Spanish and 1/3 German (because as I said...I love learning German).

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