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  5. "Professorn är på konferens."

"Professorn är konferens."

Translation:The professor is at a conference.

February 27, 2015



Is it just me, or does the TTS sound like "Professorn är-uh på konferens"?


Still doing this, a year later. I thought I was going crazy until I listened to the slower version to double check


Why is it "på konferens" instead of "på en konferens"


I think it's just idiomatic.


You're right. Both ways are ok but it sounds better without en in most contexts.


I somehow feel "The professor is attending a conference." should be accepted. I know it's not very literal, but I think it's more elegant than "the professor is at a conference".


Sometimes the translations aren’t very elegant since we prefer that they correspond to the Swedish sentence than be 100% elegant. If you change too much of the sentence, then it’s not possible to translate anymore without knowing why those changes are made. And the course is directed towards beginners of Swedish. It’s always a balance, but I prefer the literal translation here, otherwise it would have said something else in the Swedish sentence.


Can I take this as a rule of thumb for all Swedish translations? I have some problems with other courses becasue it's 50 % literal and 50 % idiomatic...


I wasn’t involved in translating, but we trying making the English translations as good as possible, but you still want to keep the 1:1 translation from Swedish as much as possible, which means it’s not always 100% perfect since you want to get the Swedish structure across as well. Try sticking to what it actually says in the Swedish sentence as long as it’s acceptable English.


Thanks, I'll do that :) P.S.: I know I ask a lot of questions around here. I hope it's not anoying. You guys are doing a great job!


I for one enjoy reading and replying to them. Keep asking! :)


Please continue doing so and report mistakes you see. It helps us improve the course a lot. :)


I tried "the professor is in conference", which in English is sort of a formal way to say "is in a meeting". It told me I needed to say "in a conference", but I'm wondering whether my answer should have been accepted.


I wrote the same thing for the same reason. At least I know why the en is "missing". Tack!


Can't it be 'on a conference' instead of 'at a conference'?


No, the English expression is "at a conference". "On a conference" would imply you stand or sit on a conference, which of course is nonsense.


I got it wrong by guessing 'The professor is at the conference" thinking that sounded right, in English. As an afterthought, I don't see where "a" or "the" comes from the Swedish sentence.


på konferens is a very general statement, meaning you're not referring to a specific conference in the sentence. If we were thinking of a specific conference, we'd say på konferensen.
There are some cases when article use differs between Swedish and English in this way. For instance we often say har bil to say that someone 'has a car' in a more general sense, which almost gets close to 'is a car-owner' in meaning (although of course that in turn has a closer back translation into Swedish, too). We can also say har en bil, that just puts a little more focus on it being one specific car.

It's also possible to say in Swedish that professorn är på en konferens but it's just more idiomatic for most situations to say på konferens if you mean he's at 'a conference'.


Thanks for the clarification. To an English speaker, unless the article 'a' is specified, indicating a generic conference, it implies that the listener knows which conference the professor is actually attending. I saw that it wasnt en konferens, so took it to mean konferensen..


In English we can say 'to be in conference'. Could this translation apply here?


How can you tell it is 'a' not 'the' conference


"the conference" would be konferensen

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