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"Han har köpt sig en klänning."

Translation:He has bought himself a dress.

February 27, 2015


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Corporal Klinger?


Is it important to say "himself" in this - we don't really use the reflexive in English as much unless it's to stress something. I suppose in this case it may be but in NYC it's not uncommon to see men buying dresses for themselves!


Unusual, but none of us are in the position to question how other people prefer to dress. :)


I know many men who could say this sentence and I wouldn't even blink an eye. :)


Not that there's anything wrong with that!!


It’s the same in Swedish here. You might as well leave it out, so I think the English version translates well.


Ok. Next time I get it I'll suggest that my answer should be accepted. Tack!


I think you drew the wrong conclusion from what Lundgren8 said. Since we could just as easily say Han har köpt en klänning in Swedish, and that would mean 'He has bought a dress' in English, this means that Han har köpt sig en klänning translates really well into 'He has bought himself a dress', and therefore should be translated that way.


Well, the pink one was getting a bit worn out.

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