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"Where did you lose the wallet?"

Translation:Var tappade du plånboken?

February 27, 2015



Just for the heck of it I tried to use förlora istead of tappa and it was marked wrong. My guess is that tappa is used when you lose an object and förlora when you lose a game etc. Or am I completely wrong here?


There's some slight overlap (such as that förlora synen can be used for lose one's eyesight), but in general that's absolutely right.

Also, I must say I like that approach. I do that all of the time in the Spanish course, and I learn so much from it. :)


Thanks. So i guess förlora is used figuratively, while tappa is used literally. The overlap you mentioned is pretty interesting, because your eyesight isn't an object which you can lose and find, it's a permanent change, usually.


Maybe it's an abstract vs. concrete thing? Not really certain. Would be very interesting to see if somebody else who reads this has a general rule to offer.


I just had this in a multiple choice, and an alternate answer was "Var tappade ni plånboken?". Aparently this is wrong? I have no idea why, it seems a perfectly valid way of asking a group of people where one of them dropped a single wallet...


Could borttappade be used here? It seems to remove the confusion between lose and drop


My husband says it should be "När tappade du bort plånboken". He says "När tappade du plånboken" only means "When did you drop the wallet". (But as a caveat, he left Sweden when he was nine.)

(Duolingo accepts "När tappade du bort plånboken?" but it suggests that "När tappade du plånboken?" is better.)

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