"Where did you lose the wallet?"

Translation:Var tappade du plånboken?

February 27, 2015

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Just for the heck of it I tried to use förlora istead of tappa and it was marked wrong. My guess is that tappa is used when you lose an object and förlora when you lose a game etc. Or am I completely wrong here?


There's some slight overlap (such as that förlora synen can be used for lose one's eyesight), but in general that's absolutely right.

Also, I must say I like that approach. I do that all of the time in the Spanish course, and I learn so much from it. :)


Thanks. So i guess förlora is used figuratively, while tappa is used literally. The overlap you mentioned is pretty interesting, because your eyesight isn't an object which you can lose and find, it's a permanent change, usually.


Maybe it's an abstract vs. concrete thing? Not really certain. Would be very interesting to see if somebody else who reads this has a general rule to offer.


I just had this in a multiple choice, and an alternate answer was "Var tappade ni plånboken?". Aparently this is wrong? I have no idea why, it seems a perfectly valid way of asking a group of people where one of them dropped a single wallet...


Why is the translation with "ni" not accepted?

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