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Unwanted unknown followers

How do we get rid of unknown and unwanted followers - I am a school teacher and my students just joined but some are being followed by people they don't know and did not invite - any help? Thank you.

February 27, 2015



Blocking those followers?


How do we block them? I can't seem to find how, if you could explain the steps I would appreciate it.


Enter to the profil and you will find next to the picture of profil in (the right) an option click in it. and it will give Block


Thank you very much, I will try that. Have a great weekend!


This doesn't work - I can't find the gear symbol to the right of the profile picture as described in help.


I would suggest making your students aware not to share personal information like name, location, email or contact numbers on their profiles (viewable part of it) or with other users. The profiles are public information and can be viewed by anyone irrespective of whether they follow the profile or not.


I went to the help guide about blocking followers and tried to follow the instructions but I think something has changed because I cannot find anywhere to click on a person's profile and block them.

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