"The girl was swimming in the hotel's pool."

Translation:Flickan simmade i hotellets pool.

February 27, 2015

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Okay, so since this isn't readily apparent just by looking at the comments, this was a "choose all correct answers" exercise. I got one right, but passed over "Tjejen simmade i hotellets pool." I realize my mistake, but I'm wondering, is there a difference between the two? I'm assuming there's some sort of difference in nuance, like one is usually used for younger children and the other for older children and/or teens...


And you'd be right about that. Tjej is used for far further ages, while a flicka is definitely a young girl. And in fact, in groups of friends, you could use tjej at pretty much any age. My great aunt and her three remaining sisters had a "tjejträff" ("girls' meeting") with an average age of 91 the other year.


Hooray, my educated guess was correct! Tack!

And it's probably safe to guess that this also holds true for pojke and... and... the one that I just forgot, right when I needed it....


Kille. :) Yes, that's absolutely true.


Just looking for a little clarification regarding "in the hotel's pool". The prepositional phrase reduced down is "in the pool", which would translate to "i poolen". But now we have the possessive "hotel's" added in. So it appears that the article "the" was added to "hotel" ("hotellets"), not "pool" ("poolen"). Is this because of the hotel being the possessor, and therefore "pool" doesn't need to add the article ending?

And, in turn, the phrase couldn't be "i hotels poolen", I would suppose. I know that would translate directly into English as "in hotel's the pool", which would just be wrong, but I'm trying my best to think beyond mere direct English translation.

Like my dad's trainer told him when he was studying Korean, "Just think like a Korean."

...Wow, I put a lot of "quotes" in there. :P


not clear to me at all, sorry - why is "i hotels poolen" wrong?


Lexi - it said "THE hotel's pools" - so even if the hotel is possessing something, it's "hotellet" and when it owns something then it becomes "hotellets".

e.g. "The car's wheels..." is "Bilens hjul". This distinction might be pretty academic in some settings, but there'd be settings in which not using the definite article would sound bizarre, like saying "He was looking out house's window."

blindeh - in this case, it does function the same way as English, you can't have "the hotel's the pool". Perhaps think of it as "swam in pool (owned by) the hotel" becomes "swam in the hotel's pool". "The" refers to the hotel for sure, even though when we remove hotel, we have to say "the pool", but that's not the same statement.


What is wrong with bassäng för pool?


I'm wondering here too.


Why is the pool at the gym called "badet" but the pool at the hotel is "poolen"?


Seeing as bada/badade is accepted as a translation for 'swim' later in the tree, it should be accepted here as well, and not just simma/simmade....

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