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  5. "Min morbror har en stor båt."

"Min morbror har en stor båt."

Translation:My uncle has a big boat.

February 27, 2015



In one of the previous sentences, the indefinite article en is omitted ("Jag har bil"). Would it be possible to omit en here too? Wouldn't "Min morbror har en stor båt" emphasize that the number of large boats he has is one, while "Min morbror har stor båt" merely implies that he has a large boat in general?


With an adjective, you can leave the article out for things you're supposed to have. Like a nose. Min farbror har stor näsa sounds much better without the article. But har stor båt sounds a bit odd, as if it were a body part or like it was really taken for granted that he'd have a boat in the first place.


Such golden advice. Thank you!


Large boat was not accepted; are they different concepts in Swedish?


No, that's actually also accepted.


That's weird, I'll double-check next time it comes up. Cheers!


Båt is pronnounced like boat?


More like "bawt".

[deactivated user]

    I have heard somewhere that in Swedish there's a difference between «på båt» and «i båt». The first one means a large boat, like ship. And «i båt» means just little boat... So, is it true? Is there this difference in Swedish?


    I think you are correct, when the båt has another name as skepp ship or färja ferry ist på skeppet, eller på fäjan, but we can say you are på stenabåten, quite funny becausy you are probably in it... I in a big boat means indoors.

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