hi guys wanted to make friends with some of you here may be?

August 21, 2013

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Hello, nice to meet you!

Hello nice to meet too.

also, if you want to talk to me add me on skype: mariana.roque96

hello. how are you?

Hi Mariana, nice to meet you!

Pleasure Too! if you want to talk add me on skype -> mariana.roque96

Hi Mariianaah, nice to meet you!

Pleasure Too! if you want to talk add me on skype -> mariana.roque96

Hi, liked, nice to meet you !

Thank you! if you want to add chat on skype -> mariana.roque96

Let's practice on Skype! japonies1989

okay! skype-> mariana.roque96

Hello, people, i'm from Maceió, Alagoas, Brasil. Nice to meet you (:

cool, very close, I live in joão pessoa in Paraíba

hahahaha só cueca na função !

What's up ? (:

Hey, nice to meet you,

Thank you, nice to meet you too

Hello, Mariana, nice to meet you! where are you from?

I live in Paraíba ! :)

Hi people,I´m from salvador

nice to meet you

Tanks,Thiago. Where are you from?

I am from Maceió, do you know?

I have very will of cognize

Here is very good.

hello, vivi, where do you live?

hello, how are you

i am sao paulo and you ?

I am from Salvador.

Beatiful. how old are you ?

Hi, fine thank you and you?

I am very well, i'm starting now in english and you?

How old are you?

I am little old, rrsrsrs, I have 35 years old.

Hi I'm fine and you?

Hi Mariianaah! Nice to meet you! :D

Hi guys, i'm from Jacobina, Bahia, Brasil! how are you?

Hi Manu , I´m from salvador-BA. Fine thanks and you?

I'm from paradise ... I'm fine and you?

hello. how are u?

hi! someone else from caraguatatuba?

I wonder if a guy post something like this, it would be answered too many times, haha.

of course, nice to mee you

Hey guys ! I am from Jundiaí, São Paulo. If you wanna practice english or spanish, feel free to add me on skype : heitorgalacian. Nice to meet you all :)

Hello, how is it going?

Good Morning!!

Someone uses the application wechat? Who can use add my id is rrocha_88

hello marrianah. howare you?

Aprenda um idioma em apenas 5 minutos por dia. De graça.