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"Sådanne ting taler vi ikke om!"

Translation:Such things we do not talk about!

February 27, 2015



A Dane maybe Yoda was?


Such word order we do not use in English (but I'm happy you guys do because it makes the structure of the sentence transparent) :D


It should be: A such word order use we not in English. :D

(En sådan ordrækkefølge bruger vi ikke på engelsk)


And Danish Yoda said: Such things talk we not about!


Why not 'sådanne tinge' since 'tinge' is plural form of 'ting'?


The singular and plural forms of "ting" are the same.


This one is impossible to understand. So the normal word order would be "vi taler ikke om sådanne ting", am I right?


I think I need someone to correct me if I am wrong.

1)This sentence means "We don't talk about such things!" I assume. "Such things we don't talk about!" is not proper English in this case.

2)But if it is intended to say "Such things we don't talk about!" as in "Hey, I saw XXX doing XXX this morning! He is so shameless!" "Shh, be quiet already! Such things we don't talk about!", it would be proper English. So, which one is it exactly? 1) or 2)?
(Sorry for my strange speaking style.)


Seems the second one. It's my understanding that here they merge two sentences with the subject (vi) acting as a link, so is not repeated. Good thing of not being an English speaker is we can concentrate on how the sentences are built in Danish, instead of how it sounds in English or in our language. For me it helps to think in my own language in terms of ideas (what you want to say, generally speaking) and memorize the sentence as it is in the other. In daily life terms: when going to the supermarket in a foreign country, don't do currency conversion on each product, just learn the prices there ;)


Would "Om sådanne ting taler vi ikke" be correct?


Bad word order. In Englsh we would say: We do not talk about such things.


I thought it could be translated as : we don’t speak of such things or, to respect the order of the danish sentence: of such things we do not speak - but it is rejected


"We do not speak about such things" is accepted.


I see, I used ‘of’ instead of ‘about’. I am not an English native and I believed both were used.


It's not incorrect, but it's more literary than colloquial:

*“The time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things: Of shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass*


You made my day, quoting an excerpt from Alice’ Adventures. You got it right, I learned most of my English with books.


"We don't talk about things like this." was not accepted. I think this is the same meaning. ?!?!


I decided to try for "Such things we do not discuss" because the other thing sounded so weird to me. But that was not accepted. In my mind (not an English native speaker) it makes more sence.

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