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Language changes by itself

Hey all

This is happening to me the second time now. When I wanted to change the language course, somehow it all changed to Arabic which language i dont understand at all and didnt want to change to. So now its not possible to change the language and i cant read anything on Duolingo now..

How can I switch back to German or Englisch?


February 27, 2015



Go to the below link.

The interface will be in Arabic, but you can see a dropdown list (identified by the down arrow). Clicking on this should list down all the courses. Select the course you want and then click on save changes (highlighted in green above the selection).


Ok no is all back to normal without doing anything..weird..


Not sure if you realize it, but you have two account on Duolingo. The earlier one from which you posted the discussion is different from the one through which you posted now.


The only idea I have is to open google translate, copy the Arabic, paste it into the translator and see what it says. Once you do that, that should help you be able to get to where you can change it back to English or German. If Google Translate does not work, trying using a website called Reverso.com. That is sometimes better at translating. I hope you can get it fixed! ~ Cedar

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