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  5. "Ik slaap echter niet."

"Ik slaap echter niet."

Translation:However, I do not sleep.

February 27, 2015



Echt means real, really, how come echter means however?


i thought so too


Would "Echter, Ik slaap niet" also work?


Echter slaap ik niet?

sorry for barraging you with different word orders :)


That's fine, but take care, you turned it into a question.


You mean that both sentences are correct? Shouldn't the verb always go to the second place? "Echter ik slaap niet" doesn't sound right to me, I believe it should be "slap ik niet". Please explain


"slaap ik niet" is a question. "Echter, ik slaap niet" is fine.


"However, I don't sleep" is accepted. Why not "Though, I don't sleep"? Is there any difference between these two sentences, Susande? (Should I have reported it??). Cheers.


Though I don't sleep would be "hoewel ik niet slaap"


How do you know when to invert the verb? like in "Echter kent ze daar niemand" Or are both versions (inverted and "normal") correct?


In cases where any word precedes the subject of the sentence, the verb is inverted so that it follows the Dutch rule that the verb is always the second part of a sentence.

For example, "Echter ze kent daar niemand" is NOT acceptable because the verb is the third word in the sentence, not the second. So you have to invert the verb so that it is the second word in the sentence. Thus, "Echter kent ze daar niemand"

The only case where the same meaning could be conveyed, with the same words, in normal order, is if you START with the subject and put echter later in the sentence:

"Ze kent echter daar niemand"


"Echter kent ze daar niemand" would no Dutch person say; neither: "Ze kent echter daar niemand". "Ze kent daar echter niemand" sounds more natural.


Wat is het verschil tussen 'hoewel' en 'echter'? Bedankt!


Would 'I am however, not sleeping' be correct?


I wrote "didn't sleep" instead of "don't sleep". How am I supposed to understand that from the sentence?


slaap is present tense... "However, I did not sleep" would be "Ik sliep echter niet"


Why not "I'm not sleeping"?


Because the “echter” means something. “Ik slaap niet” or “Ik ben niet aan het slapen” would be your sentence


Yeah I realise that - I was just talking about the verb. I'm not sure "however I do not sleep" sounds very English.


However, I’m not sleeping would be correct I’d say, you can report the question the next time you get it


I must confess I don't understand "echter" or "hoewel". "However" is a really tricky word in English, so I understand if it's just as confusing in Dutch.

I was tought in school never to begin a sentence with "however" (or "but" or "and"); that this was sub-standard writing acceptable only in advertising. So I wrote the translation as "I, however, do not sleep."

Be that as it may, I've only ever used "hoewel" in Dutch, and actually tried to construct my sentences to avoid using any type of "however". The word "echter" rather throws me because of its likeness to "echt", creating a subconscious link and making me feel it should mean "really".

I guess I'll have to create new mental links, and listen carefully for its use.

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