help me! :(

every time i go on peoples stream it comes up with 'there is an error retrieving your stream' (by the way i don't know how to put this into trouble-shooting)

February 27, 2015


Whose stream are you trying to get onto? It might be a problem with their stream.

To post in troubleshooting, edit the original post. It is now in Spanish(English).

i tried to get to tankerman15 someone then just tried everybodies

Okay I can get to tankerman15's profile so it's not that you were trying to get to some profile that had problems. Here's what I would try:
- log out of Duolingo, close your browser, open it again, log in
- If that doesn't work, clear your history/cache, close your browser, open it again
- If that doesn't work, try a different browser
- If that doesn't work, try a different computer

Those steps and the results will help folks at Duolingo resolve your problem.
Good job on moving this to troubleshooting :)

thanks!!! It's sorted thanks to you xxx have a lingot, xxx i earned 2 before

Yay! Glad it's all straightened out. I have more lingots than I know what to do with, so I'll reward your generous spirit.

thanks, gees, very generous! I love giraffes

I have the same prob ;)

ikr, it's annoying, ahhh

by the way, do what giraffy dude says, it worked for me

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