See All Possible Correct Answers, after Correctly Answering a Question

Currently, we only get to see other correct answers if we get a question wrong. This often tempts me to answer wrongly on purpose, since seeing all the ways you can translate a line is very helpful for understanding the language.

Anyone else feel it would be better, if we could view the different correct translations regardless?

8/21/2013, 3:10:08 AM


There's no such thing as ALL the ways you can translate something (unless it's really simple) but it's helpful to see various ways.

8/21/2013, 3:31:54 AM
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I wouldn't want to see "all" the translations (the lists would usually be very long), but the ability to check additional translations from a tool in sentence discussions would be nice. I don't know if that tool could work since it would probably make a lot of problems for the system.

8/23/2013, 9:56:19 AM
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