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  5. "You eat your dinner with us."

"You eat your dinner with us."

Translation:Itheann tú do dhinnéar linn.

February 28, 2015



Why do you need "linn" and not "linne"?


linne should be accepted. It's the emphatic form - "You eat your dinner with us". Irish uses suffixes and syntax to express emphasis whereas English uses stress.


oh, I should have reported it, dangit


Why does Itheann sibh not work?


Itheann sibh bhur ndinnéar linn. should be an equally correct translation, given the ambiguity of “you” and “your”.


How would you write this sentence if it is an order to the person? As in, You eat your dinner with us! (not them!). Or is there any difference?


"Ith do dhinnéar linn!" if addressed to just one person.

"Ithigí bhur ndinnéar linn!" if addressed to a group of people.


When do you know to use the prefix "n-"?


The n in ndinnéar is not called an "n-prefix" in Irish.

The letters b, c, d, f, g, p and t are "eclipsed" in certain grammatical circumstances - one of those circumstances is after plural possessive pronouns ár (our), bhur (your) and a (their).

Each of these letters has a different urú, and words starting with d are eclipsed with n, so "our dinner" is ár ndinnéar, whereas words starting with b are eclipsed with m (bhur mbialann - "your restaurant"), words with c are eclipsed with g (a gcapall - "their horse"), words that start with f are eclipsed with bh (ár bhfón - "our phone"), g is eclipsed by n (bhur ngnó - "your business"), p with b (a bplean - "their plan") and t is eclipsed by d (ár dteach - "our house").

When the noun starts with a vowel, you do use an "n-prefix" - ár n-athair, a n-uimhir. But it is important to recognize that the n in front of ndinnéar is not called an "n-prefix". It's called "eclipsis" in English, and urú in Irish.


Can I also use sibh and bhur...but it would not accept this..why?


Itheann sibh bhur ndinnéar linn is accepted.


Itheann sibh bhur dinnéar linn? Is this correct in the plural?

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