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  5. I love Duolingo!


I love Duolingo!

I have tried so many ways of learning Spanish, but always lost interest in different sites and software---until now! Your site has renewed my passion for Spanish, with its amazing interactive applications, which combine visual, audio and memory! I am so impressed! I keep returning each day (and hour) and also appreciate the daily email reminder! You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!!!

December 5, 2012



Thank you very much for the kind words! We try :)


It's a fantastic web site and project, in my opinion this is the education of the future.


I just joined yesterday and I'M GLAD I FOUND IT es muy buena forma de aprender Francés y practicar Inglés


I totally agree! Love studying with Duolingo!


Yes Duolingo is amazing. It has so far lived up to my expectations after viewing their TED talk.


I agree. I love Duolingo! I've tried learning all of the languages on Duolingo, and it works out perfectly! It's why I'm on it most of the time. :) :D


I'm exactly the same. I've wanted to learn Spanish for years but had no time or means. This site has changed that. I'm doing it all I tell you, all!


I love Duolingo too, the app has helped me to understand the languages that I am studying everyday

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