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"The history of Sweden"

Translation:Sveriges historia

February 28, 2015



Why not "historia av sverige"?


Why not "historien av sverige" ?


I'm wondering this as well.. Does it actually not work or has it just not been added to the answer pool?


I'm hoping someone can explain why "Sveriges historien" isn't correct.

It seems to me that even if you turn this around (in English) to "Sweden's history," the specific history you're referring to is known -- it's definite, as Sweden's history, THE history of Sweden. Why isn't this definite?



I put 'Historian om Sverige'. Is this grammatically incorrect? Okay, I now know that it should have been 'Historien...' I have a seen a book called 'Historien om Sverige'. I'm wondering if there is some 'obvious' context that I'm missing. Can anyone help?


The word historia is a bit weird in that it’s actually historien in the definite. Some Swedes say historian though but it’s generally not considered correct unless you’re talking about the subject history in school.

Om means ’about, on’. So your sentence would mean the history about Sweden which is not the same thing as the history of Sweden. :)


Thank you very much for the great explanation. Have a smile = :)

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