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Why can't I find a Romanian to chat with?

My search for a Romanian to talk with has so far been fruitless. After reading a couple of books on Romania and watching a few hours of documentaries, I've hatched a theory about why they've been so reticent. Be warned, it's a bit farfetched.

Romanians have spent much of their history facing down foreign invaders and occupiers. In the periods when they've been independent, they've generally been ruled by corrupt tyrants. The last of these was Nicolae Ceauceșcu, a paranoid megalomaniac. Ceaușescu formed the secret police force called the Securitate. Using an arsenal of bugs and a network of lay informants, its agents spied obsessively on their fellow Romanians.

While doing Ceaușescu's bidding, they also sowed distrust and cynicism. They rewarded people for betraying those closest to them, dishing out jobs and special privileges. They also kept exhaustive files on their targets, amassing so much info that Romanians are still combing through it today.

A Romanian I met last week confirmed some of what I've read. She said her parents taught her never to repeat anything she heard. She also attested to the Securitate's knack for keeping everyone scared—even the people they weren't actively spying on. It seems the harm they did was more psychological than physical.

Anyway, that's the hardest evidence I've come by to support these speculations. Basically, I keep seeing things about Romanians being unwilling to communicate and reflexively distrustful because of what they've been through.

Even here in Discussion, when I posted in search of a speaking partner, a girl replied by calling me "stupped" [sic] and dismissing me as a "băiețel" ("little boy"). She was then told off by another (presumably Romanian) poster, who swore at her in English for insulting me.

Has anyone had any different experiences with Romanians? Has anyone found a speaking partner for Romanian? I'd like to know.

February 28, 2015

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Hey lusofone- don't worry too much about it. I know some Romanians; they are stubborn and a little cynical, yes, but also friendly and humorous, and even sympathetic. Think of how easy the Romanian course will seem when it finally comes, and how surprised Romanians will be when you visit Romania and boldly speak Romanian instead of assuming everyone knows English.


Your post really made me smile. Not only have I never thought about it, but I also find your opinion surprising.

Yes, what that user said was more than rude, but you must not generalize, as that person does not represent our mentality (as you can see in the discussion stream, she asked many useless, downvoted questions).

As in any other country, there are very many types of people (yes, there are some friendly people among us, believe it or not :D).

I would like to help you, but right now I do not have that much time. However, please do not hesitate to ask me if you want to find out more about Romania and its language, here or on my profile stream.


Thank you very much. May I add you on Facebook?


hi.....you learn me english and i learn you romenian,ok?


Buna dimineata = Good morning Buna ziua= Good afternoon Buna seara=Good evening buna=hello;hi mama=mother tata=father fiu=son fiica=daughter copil=child bunica=grandmother bunel=grandfather now it;s your turn tautch me something...(i hope that i wrote good, if not...sorry....my english it is level beginer....


I'll teach you as much English as you like. You seem like you know the basics well enough, so tell me what you're most interested in (such as your field of work or study) and I'll develop a list of phrases based on that.


I didn't mean to stereotype you, I just wanted to think out loud to other DL users and see what Romanians thought about my musings.


I'd say moreso that we aren't used to people wanting to speak Romanian. I live in the diaspora and am one of the few kids that can still speak somewhat fluently. Our youth in the diaspora often don't care for the language, and you have a hard time trying to find someone who's not your parents/parents' friends/4-year-old child to speak to. I think this attitude is prevalent even in Romania, people just aren't used to foreigners wanting to learn Romanian and find it odd - if our own blood don't speak it why the hell would anyone else want to? It might seem a little standoff-ish but at the same time you have to understand, people aren't flocking to Romania and we don't quite understand why they even would.

However, historically, Romania has played host to many international students from across the world. During the 70-80s, many students from the Middle East came to study medicine, engineering, and the such. They would have one year or so of intensive Romanian language learning. I'm still amazed by the fact that I meet doctors and engineers who studied in Romania back in the day and they can still recall some of the language.

disclaimer: limba romana este o limba frumoasa, din pacate nu este o limba populara in lumea de azi. sint foarte fericita ca lusofone sa intereseaza in limba romana si sper ca interesul lui va creste in timp.


hey ,i am a romanian man! did you want to talk about something?


That would be great. You can add me on Facebook through my DL profile. May I add you?


yes can you add me :)


mie miar face placere sa avem o discutie in limba romina despre un subiect la modul serios .dv puteti alege subiectul.


We are not as bad as you say.I think we are friendly and not so rude. Every person(from the entire world ) can be like you said but this is comming from the education they receive...


I can teach you Romanian if you wish.


Please add me on Facebook.


Hi! Just got on DL and saw this thread from some months ago. Are you still interested in Romanian? I hope so :-)


I definitely am. Feel free to click through to my profile and add me on Facebook.


Hey! i m here,talk to me!


I recommend you to watch the "Umbre" tv series. It was created by HBO and the actors are speaking in Romanian. You have some chances to learn a lot from watching it.

Also, an extremely good movie is Filantropica, you can watch it on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b4HrmCfdh8


romanian speakers on this thread should speak to sebastian about helping him complete the romanian course.


This was interesting because I have met several Romanians online and I found every single one of them to be friendly, charming and have a great sense of humor. They were so charming in fact, that I decided to learn Romanian so I can go visit their country.


Hello, i speak romanian, but i'm not from romania, i'm near to romania country named Moldova, my first language is romanian, now i am struggling to learn english and russian, i know the basic english, and i learn fast, if you want we can speak romanenian, and maybe some english would be nice.


But why do you want to learn romanian language?


It looks like you know more things about our country than many romanians:) And I saw that your post is 4 years old:) so I guess you are fluent in romanian by now

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