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Is Duolingo really suitable for a teacher monitoring a class of online students?

Duolingo seems to work very well for all levels, granted. But at Khan Academy (primarily Maths and Science) the software management for teachers is really state of the art. You have wonderful graphs and detailed information on the exact progress or status of a child; absolutely brilliant.

My question is : is Duolingo at least aspiring to such a situation or not? As a teacher, I can indeed see my students names and see their XPs, hours spent and days of activity but unless I'm missing something, that seems to be all.

February 28, 2015



There is also the point that there is a wide gulf between being 'suitable' for use by a teacher and being Khan Academy. There are lots of things that are suitable for teachers to use as a tool in the classroom that don't provide the level of detail and array of resources Khan Academy does. In fact, I'd warrant that the vast majority of things that teachers use to teacher their students don't provide what Khan Academy does.

Not that that isn't an admirable goal to strive for, but your question sets up a false dichotomy.


Hi there! At Duolingo, we're just getting started with the Dashboard. We are going to be adding more functionality. We have been making fast iterations and are definitely interested in hearing more about what you would like to see as an educator. Please share any feedback you may have.


I guess they will improve it, but this schools feature started like two months ago and it's still the beginning, it has a long road to go.


Thanks I will - I hadn't realized that this was a new facility on the website. I'll think about it and reply here again in a few days. Mark


I would like to see a classroom where invitation works via existing duolingo accounts, without the need of exposing email addresses to other students or the teacher. For me as a native German speaker, it would also be a great feature to be able to offer an open "German class" to anybody who likes to join, without the need to know my students in person and without exposing my own email address to the public.


pada.online sounds more like a group feature that you're describing. Also, if you're sharing the link you might want to bcc all students in your email and send to yourself as a way to not expose those emails on the invite.


Yes, a group feature with native tutors would be cool. The virtual classroom is kind of such a group feature, but unfortunately, the invitation link contains the email address of the tutor, so potential tutors will hesitate founding a virtual classroom and posting the invitation link on their board, since personal information should not be shared publicly on Duolingo.


OK one useful thing would be if I could see how many words each student knows. Outright access to their lesson schedule (ie Home page) would be good too. A way to pinpoint certain lessons as a recommendation for a student might help too.

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