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  5. "The women eat dinner."

"The women eat dinner."

Translation:Kvinnorna äter middag.

February 28, 2015



Middag means ''daytime'' in Dutch, so it's kind of confusing sometimes...


Same for me, I'm Dutch as well.


Since when do you eat dinner at noon in the UK? I always thought dinner was the meal you had after 5pm, which is what I call "kvällsmat" in Swedish. I eat "frukost" (breakfast), "middag" (lunch) and "kvällsmat" (dinner), and now DuoLingo tells me that "kvällsmat" is the wrong word and that I've spent 40 years as a native Swede eating the wrong kind of meal in the evening?

Guess it's time for me to write to "Svenska akademin" and ask them when and why it became illegal to eat "kvällsmat"... :-)


"Dinner" has different meanings in different parts of the English-speaking world. In some places it's the meal in the middle of the day, not in the evening.


You can eat your lunch in a diner


would "Kvinnorna spiser middag." also be correct? Thx.


Almost - "spisar" would work, but is more common dialectally than in standard Swedish. "Spiser" is Danish.


It is Norwegian as well.


Is "kvinnorna" singular or plural?


Kvinnorna is plural and definitive, it means "the women"


do you just add '-na' to the end of most definitives' to make it a plural?


No, it's not that simple...

bord = table

bordet = the table

bord = tables

borden = the tables

man = man

mannen = the man

män = men

männen = the men

paraply = umbrella

paraplyt = the umbrella

paraplyn = umbrellas

paraplyna = the umbrellas

hund = dog

hunden = the dog

hundar = dogs

hundarna = the dogs

video = video recorder (VHS machine)

videon = the video recorder

videos = video recorders

videosarna = the video recorders

If you know the plural form of a noun and you want the definite plural form a good guess could be to add "-na" to the the plural form to make it definite (even though there are quite a few exceptions).

There might be rules for this that I'm unaware of as a Swede.


I missed a d shouldn't my answer be correct besides its just a d

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