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"He introduced me to his parents."

Translation:Han presenterade mig för sina föräldrar.

February 28, 2015



why did it correct me when i said "till" instead of "for"? what's the difference?


You always use presentera för - it's just the right preposition for it.

The only exception I can think of is the result of two expressions after each other.


does not "sina" refer to "Han"? then why is it "sina"? it shoud be "sin" , I am confused!


If the possessive pronoun refers to other male than the subject of the sentence, it should be "hans".
Otherwise if it refers to the subject (exclude jag,vi,du,ni), it can be sin/sitt/sina, depend on the noun in possessive.
Here, "föräldrar" is plural, so it is "sina". sina föräldrar
If just one of parents "förälder", it would be "sin". sin förälder
If the noun is an apple "äpple", it would be "sitt". sitt äpple


I thought "sina" belongs to only plural subjects!


Nej, it belongs to third person subject , singular or plural (include han, hon, de) for plural noun in possessive (föräldrar, äpplen, katter, etc).


very useful thank you


Wondering why I can't say "Han introducerade ..." (my Swedish sambo said it was fine to use... making me even more confused ^-^ )

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