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Offline Learning?

Hola! Being able to learn without having to be connected to the internet would be so useful as I could learn on the move! Is there plans to make this a reality? =)

August 21, 2013



Hola Joshed1! Offline mode is available on the iPhone app and coming to everyone using Android devices soon! All you have to do is open the app on the iPhone and a selection of lessons will be available for offline use (not all- you'll need to reconnect to get more).


Ahh, that explains it. I have an Android phone! Thanks


I always wanted to ask this as well. Is there any plan to have of-line access mode for other mobile systems? It would be really nice if we could have something similar to the iPhone app, that offers offline access on any laptop computer for example. I often find my self spending time in some waiting room with my computer in my bag, and It would be nice if I could do a couple of lessons while waiting.


You could play there on your mobile phone instead right?


No, because I do not have an iphone...


Is there an App for a BlackBerry phone or BlackBerry Playbook?


We just announced the release of offline mode for Android! Told you it would be here VERY soon :) Enjoy! http://www.duolingo.com/comment/733368


do you know when it will be available?


Good News! It already exists. But you'll have to ask the staff about it.


Yes, a few lessons are downloaded for offline use. I found this helpful when I was in China and thought I would have no chance to study Italian. However, the lessons downloaded are random so don't count on getting all your new lessons

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