Really long sentences from the "Numbers" skill

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So I've been using for the most part the "Start timed practice" for strengthening my skills, which I think is a good way to review what I've learned so far.

However, I've recently completed the "Numbers" skill and found that some really long sentences are now appearing in my practices (phrases like counting from 10 to 19, or like "29 is bigger than 28, and 28 is less than 29"). These phrases generally force me to frantically type on my keyboard while trying to avoid any typo. Also, I've noticed that these sentences seem to only grant you 10-15 seconds of additional time, which is sometimes less than what it took to type the answer.

More often than not, I just skip these sentences that are too long and prone to errors, though Duolingo might then think that I can't translate them and augment their frequency in my practices.

I know that it is assumed that you can type the answers fast enough while doing the timed practices, but these phrases are absurdly long and I think there should be a limit where the length of a phrase makes it unsuitable for timed practices.

I don't know if this is possible, but these phrases should be filtered from the timed practices, while keeping them in the practices without a timer, where people have all the time they need to type the answer and review it for any typo.

3 years ago

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In the numbers section you can write the numbers rather than spell them out, i.e. 10, 20, 30, 40. It helps with doing it quickly, but doesn't help with learning the spelling :)

3 years ago
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