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  5. "I have an uncle in America."

"I have an uncle in America."

Translation:Jag har en farbror i Amerika.

February 28, 2015



Is there any neutral way to say uncle, aunt, grandmother or grandfather - like, without linking which side of your family they're from?


Nope. At least not that's actually used.


What is it, even though it's not used?


Well, my ex sometimes used onkel/tant ironically and/or humorously about her uncles and aunts. I really don't recommend using the terms though, it'll just sound weird.


i have a second cousin in Småland who referred to an uncle as "onkel." could this be used if you don't know if it is a far- or morbror?


Hej guys! I would like to know if Amerika means "The Americas" or "America" here, because in Spanish "Américas" is something weird and America can only be a continent even though they say "American" in the USA to refer to themselves while we say "estadounidense" in Spanish.

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