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"I drink coffee in the morning."

Terjemahan:Saya minum kopi di pagi hari.

February 28, 2015

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saya minum kopi di pagi itu , is it wrong ?


The itu kata kerja jadi artinya bukan untuk(itu)aja


Kenapa harus pakai the?


Pagi-pagi = in the morning ? It's not accepted but I have seen it elsewhere and google translate understands it.


and duolingo doesn't know it


Perbedaan 'at' sama 'in' apa ya ?


I can think of examples of "in the night"

The things that go bump in the night. She was awakened at some point in the night by her recurring nightmare. .. like two ships passing in the night. During the summer, bears sometimes sleep a few hours in the night. However, we use "at night" frequently, because it refers to certain point (or interval) in time (we say, "at 3:00 pm", not "in 3:00 pm") He comes home late at night. (means perhaps at 11:00 or 12:00).

We liked to take our walks at night when it is cool. (it means usually not any time during the night, but certain hours before sleeping)


Kenapa harus pake in

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