"Niemand eet het koude avondeten."

Translation:Nobody is eating the cold dinner.

February 28, 2015



Haha that's true. Not in the Netherlands at least xD

February 28, 2015


why is "nobody wants to eat the cold dinner" not correct

September 28, 2015


because the word 'want' isn't in the sentence.

October 19, 2015


that'd be "Niemand wil het koude avondeten eten"

October 29, 2015


I wrote noone. Seems to me noone = nobody or am I wrong here?

February 5, 2016


It is accepted, so perhaps there was another issue with your sentence.

February 5, 2016


I literally wrote noone instead of no one.. So yeah that's probably the mistake ^^ Thanks!

February 6, 2016


My answer: No-one's eating the cold supper. Duolingo's response: You missed a space.

Oh no, I didn't!

July 5, 2017


"No-one's" is written incorrectly. The hyphen shouldn't be there!

August 15, 2017


I refer you to Collins English Dictionary:

-- "No-one and nobody are interchangeable".

Some further examples:

-- "The Bristol shop selling an item of clothing no-one would want to wear" -- Bristol Post

-- "No-one has ever been arrested for driving onto the guided busway" -- Cambridge News

-- "Iceland is close to becoming the first country where no-one gives birth to a child with Down's syndrome" -- The Independent

-- "Why no-one should be surprised that Man City want to buy Jonny" -- Daily Telegraph

-- "No-one condones that. No-one thinks it's appropriate." -- BBC News

August 19, 2017


No-one is accepted.

The issue here is that contractions like no-one's are handled by an algorithm. In these cases that unfortunately does not always work.

August 19, 2017


Thanks! I suspected as much. (Typically, He's eating will be accepted, while The man's eating will be rejected.) The other failing in the algorithm that I wanted to bring to the programmers' attention is that the response generated -- namely, "You missed a space" (or, as I would say it, "You missed out a space") -- does not answer the case here: Nobody 's eating (with a space) would definitely be wrong!

August 19, 2017
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