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Resetting Password + Lack of Support

I signed up for Duolingo at the end of last year and have been using it happily for months. I had forgotten my password recently and tried to reset my password but when i entered my email address i never received an email to create a new password (yes, i checked spam). I tried over a dozen times without success, even entered my issue on the SUPPORT page several times only to receive the same automated reply to the same Forget Password link.

Issue #1: Forget Password does not seem to work (both in web browser and on the app)

Issue #2: If your issue is you can't log into your account you can't enter your issues into this forum.

Issue #3: Lack of human response. I have emailed both Support and Press @ duolingo.com, I tweeted my problem to @Duolingo and @DuolingoSupport with no response, and even when i requested through the SUPPORT page for someone to email me (not automated) no one replied.

I hope you will address these issues.

February 28, 2015



Hi, my name is Usagi and I'm a volunteer forum moderator. I'm not on the tech team, but I wanted to do my best to try and help anyway.

I tested the forgot password button and it worked for me. The link showed up in my Duolingo folder. So, I'm wondering if you create a filter for Duolingo mail, if it will also catch the email for you so you can reclaim your original account. I have created a guide with instructions HERE.

About the situation, Duolingo started with the idea that it might get around 100,000 users. But, now it is getting around 70,000 a day, and at this point has around 60,000 users. Duolingo hasn't made a profile yet, so it's tech and support team is still really tiny. As a forum moderator, myself and other moderators are on a long waiting list for tech support ourselves. We were given tools to moderate a forum with a VASTLY smaller population. So, we're all crossing our fingers right along with you that Duolingo gets the funds to expand it's tech and support. :)

If you would like to watch the video with the source information for the numbers I listed, you can currently go to the Wiki homepage. Wait a few seconds for the page to load and a video will appear.

I hope this has been helpful. Good luck!


Thank you for the insight about the company, it is very much appreciated.

As for a folder set up, I do not use Yahoo or Gmail. I have an exchange account and use mac mail. I tried to set up a folder and a smart folder in mac mail, and re-entered my email again in the Forget Password link however the email never came through. I've made sure to throughly check my spam as well.


I'm sorry it didn't work :(


Strange it wouldn't work. I received the notifications when someone has posted in the forum, and i received the auto response from SUPPORT. Thank you for trying to help anyway.

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