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"Relationen mellem de to lande er dårlig."

Translation:The relation between the two countries is bad.

February 28, 2015



In ASE, this would be better translated as "The relations between the two countries are bad."


Mate, that's the correct English no matter what flavour of it you speak. This sentence was clearly written by a Dane with a incomplete understanding of English.


I put 'the relationship' and it was accepted. I didn't try relations, which also sounds good, because I was afraid it was going to count it wrong due to it being singular (maybe it's accepted, I don't know). It just sounds better, relationship or relations, not just singular relation


It's fairly clear from a couple of examples that this course doesn't properly understand English usage of "relation" compared to "relations" or "relationship". They are not interchangeable to native English speakers.


The correct word is "relationship".


No we wouldn't say that in English. Rather : "the relationS" or "the relationship" - take your pick.


There seems to be no consistency between when darlig is accepted as "bad" and "terrible", with the latter sometimes being translated as forfaetter(?)


I put "Relations between the two countries are bad" and was marked wrong. The "correct " answer above is is bad English. It should be "relationship not "relation" and in any case my answer should have been accepted. Any thoughts?

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