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  5. "What is his address?"

"What is his address?"

Translation:Céard é a sheoladh?

February 28, 2015



Cant use 'céard é' here?


You can. If it's not accepted, please report it. Céard and cad are 100% interchangeable. Céard is just a Connacht word.


Thanks, reported


Can't use cad atá a sheoladh?


Cén seoladh atá aige? is a very common way of asking this question in Irish, using atá, though it's literal translation is not used in English.


Cad, and the other interrogative pronouns, are forms of the copula (or are treated as containing a hidden copula). So you don't need an additional verb to say "what is this?" - cad é seo? - the "is" is part of cad.

When you add on an additional verb, like cad atá, it's more like "what is it that is" - cad atá ar an teilifís? can be understood as "what is it that is on the television?", but we usually just render this as "What is", but it's not the same "what is?" as cad é?


Mmm. So people say it all the time but it's incorrect?


Which people say cad atá a sheoladh? all the time?

Scilling provides a succinct explanation for when to use cad é vs cad atá in this discussion:

If an answer to the question would use the copula, then Cad é … ? is used; if an answer wouldn’t use the copula, then Cad (é) atá … ? is used.

The answer to Cad atá a sheoladh? would be tá a sheoladh 1 Sráid Uí Chonnaill, rather than Is é 1 Sráid Uí Chonaill a sheoladh (or Is é a sheoladh 1 Sráid Uí Chonaill.


Seoladh can also mean sailing/ course/ opening statement (teanglann.ie).

Am I correct in believing that the "sh" in the lenited form would be reduced to a slight aspiration?

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