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French flashcard word confusion

I did my flashcards in French yesterday and one of the words was "lit" - the verb meaning "reads". The flashcard revealed that it means bed. Which is correct of course, but at level 4 I haven't encountered any beds in my exercises yet, and it only shows as a verb in my learned word list as well. Maybe this could be fixed to show both meanings, or to differentiate between the verb and the noun altogether? I already have prior French knowledge, but for someone who starts from scratch this could probably be misleading.

February 28, 2015

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I've found the flashcards problematical with this kind of issue too. The logical way to avoid this would be to present nouns with the article as well and this has been suggested many times but it hasn't been acted on. In German it's even worse because they don't capitalise the nouns as should always be done. I don't use flashcards at all for these reasons.

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