"En gul and spiser et rødt æble."

Translation:A yellow duck is eating a red apple.

March 1, 2015

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This is COMPLICATED!!!!!:-!


What is the difference between rødt and rød?


You use rødt with _t words - et rødt æg, et rødt æble.

Most words are _n words and rød goes with them - en rød kjole, en rød and.


My problem with this was with the lady who says the words. I listened to the sentence 10 times, listened to it slowed down another 10 and still thought she was saying grøn æble. I'll have my fiance listen to it when he gets home as he is a born Dane and has corrected the pronunciation and even some words and phrases before. But with the poor quality of the sound bites, this is a reoccuring problem.


There are two genders in Danish; common gender and neuter gender. For common gender nouns like duck; "and", the article for the indefinite form is "en" so "a duck" becomes "en and". "Æble" is neuter gender and uses the article "et". "An apple" is "et æble" :) it has nothing to do with a/an in English by the way, which only changes according to the following sound of vowel or consonant.


Hahah, damn, gul and is not a golden duck... :D


Please!! In any language 'eats' would be accepted for 'is eating'!! Please take note.


Because apple is one of the rare _t words. Et æble. Æblet. Et rødt æble.


I still do not understand about rødt and rød and why pink is lyserød insted of saying light red?


With dansk, that is it...I accept that pink is lyserød. Maybe light red is lys rød or a different word in Danish?


And options were too confusing :/


What's the difference between rød and rødt?


Read the explanation above


What is the difference between rødt and røde?


Read the explanation above


hey ... i am French and I can't understand why it's" a yellow duck" and not "an yellow duck" ?


The "y" in yellow is here as a consonant, not a vowel, so it is "a" yellow duck. If it were "old" for instance, it would read "an old duck" because "o" is a vowel. Y can be tricky for English learners because it can sound like a vowel, and is considered a "helping" vowel at times, but at the beginning of a word, think of it strictly as a consonant.


How would one say "A yellow duck eating a red apple"? I.e., as a response to the question "What is that painting of?" I had figured that they would be the same, but my answer isnt accepted as a valid translation.


Why is eating vs eats?

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