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Duolingual App Trouble

It seems that all the things that I did on my phone don't show up when I go on my computer. I had a golden tree yesterday and now today some of my categories say that I have one more left to do? Also I went on Duolingual yesterday to do my daily practice but, today my streak days dropped back to zero. Yesterday I also did one section of adjectives 1 on my phone . Though on the computer it say that I didn't do any of it? Does anyone else that mainly uses the phone app have this problem or am I the only one?

March 1, 2015



I had this problem as well when I went away for the weekend and didn't have internet access. If your phone can't sync with the online site, it won't record your progress. At the end of the three days that I was gone, I logged into my app. When I did, it synced with the internet and I lost all the sections that the app had recorded that I'd done. I believe that if you do your daily goal on your phone, you need to access the internet within the app once before the day is over with your total points for the day, or the site will think you haven't done anything and revert your app back to the state that the site says that you are at.


The phone app and website don't seem to sync properly, and that's probably why. Can you post a screenshot of your phone on Duolingo tree and the website. (Note, you can post screenshots by ![](Link to image))


Did you have wifi at the time?


Hi, I have a similar issue. My phone and laptop only sync if I'm on mobil data. Do you know anything about it?

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