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Daily Streak Online vs Phone App

I originally downloaded Duolingo as an app onto my iPhone 5. I set a daily goal of 20 points per day and continued this way for a while until I discovered that there was an online site. I started using the site when I had access to a computer and the app when I didn't. Recently, I noticed that when I was doing my daily 20 points online to keep my streak going, I would complete an activity and get 10 points and I would get a little check mark on my daily streak indicator at the top of my screen. Since, my daily goal required that I complete 20 points worth, I was confused. I also noticed that when I completed an activity online and then went to my phone to continue, the app would tell me how many more points I would need to complete my daily goal, but it didn't do that when I logged in online. I went to my daily goal settings and found out that no daily goal had been set for my online profile. Which was weird, since I thought I had already set up my goal. After setting the goal online, I get a box on my home screen telling me how much of my daily goal I've completed and how many more points I need to complete it. Is this a continuity error just for the iPhone app, and only for users who started Duolingo with the app and then started using the online site? Or does this problem occur for online users who decide to start using the app as well? Since creating an account on your phone app creates a Duolingo account for the online version, shouldn't the daily goal carry over into all the interfaces that you are accessing Duolingo from?

March 1, 2015

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Only the overall streak on the web site counts for your daily streak.

The app has separate goals for each language but they have no affect on your streak. I always set my overall streak, on the web site to 1 XP and after practicing on the app I refresh my home page on the web site to ensure the app data syncs correctly.

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