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"Vind jij al jouw leraren leuk?"

Translation:Do you like all your teachers?

March 1, 2015



What should the word order be, in order to translate "al" as already?


It isn't always word order thing, it's mostly a contextual thing. The word order for 'already' could be exactly the same, but you have to look carefully at the sentence and see how it is constructed. "Do you find already your teachers nice?" vs. "Do you find all your teachers nice?" It could be the first one, but doesn't make as much sense as the second one. If you did want to say the first one, you would need to clarify it by saying something like, "Vind jij al jouw leraren al leuk?" If you had only asked referring to one teacher, "Vind jij al jouw leraar leuk?" then it would be translated as already. So it is kind of up to you to figure out which sentence is better. I personally think it would sound better if the 'al' came right before the 'leuk' if you are asking already, but I don't think there are any hard and fast rules about where it goes. Back to my cave!


Do you like your teachers already?

it makes as much sense to me as the "do you like all your teachers!?"


I also tried 'Do you already like your teachers?' which works in English also. Sadly the owl said no. :(


"Al jouw leraren" Is (correctly) translated as: "All your teachers". In this sentence "al" is not translated as "already", because it does not mean "already" In a sentence as: "Ga je al naar school", which is translated into: "are you going to school already", there "al" means "already".


Read the thread, but still not clear on why the translation of 'al' as 'already' is incorrect. Do you already like your teachers? Context: after meeting them just yesterday?

Any insight? Dank je.


In that case you would put al in a different place: Vind jij jouw leraren al leuk


"Do you find all your teachers enjoyable" is niet geacepteerd en ik weet niet waarom


I get it why I am getting confused: "you all" vs "all your". But, how would I say "do you all find your teachers nice?"


vinden jullie allemaal jullie leraren leuk?


Why not - are all your teachers nice?

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