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Why not have a different section to practice verbs

Currently in the vocabulary tab users are able to choose individual words to practice .The incentive for this is two coins. However the difference between verbs and other words is significant. To get the two points for practising a verb I may have to answer 8 to 10 questions whereas for other vocab I need only answer two. If there was a separate verbs section the coin reward could be increased or the number of questions reduced to maybe six. This would provide users with a fairer incentive to practice verbs (which is much needed and especially for irregular verbs) and provide a more consistent reward. At the moment half an hours verb practice may only return 20 coins (If you answer around 100 questions) .I feel this is a disincentive and puts people off practising a critical area of language learning. A separate tab dedicated to verbs would be a useful addition.

August 21, 2013



I am not sure if your suggestion is the perfect answer, but I agree with your point completely. I am going round and round three verb segments on DL, plus writing out conjugations to get my old brain to remember irregular Spanish verbs. The DL lessons contain other things to learn in the phrases, but I would like to get the verbs internalized without complications.

Personally, I would like to see a "conjugator" section where nothing but the bare verb conjugations can be practiced, plus some very brief simple phrases that use each verb.


I too agree that this is a good idea. I have a small notepad where I write down each verb I learn and its conjugations but this is hard to keep up to date (especially now I've just finished an section on infinitives in French which had many different verbs in it) and you just end up with a long list of verbs which is difficult to practice from. A verb practice activity would be very useful especially if you could pick a few verbs then practice sentences including the infinitives and conjugations. All these useful verbs could get quite difficult to keep fresh in your mind


I would love a separate verb section is only to get a handle on the verbs themselves, to be perfectly honest. As is I have to go through each verb separately, which takes awhile since right now, they are the only things I want to practice.


I just practiced a word, and the "lesson" had 20 questions, yet I still got only two coins.


This is my point.In Spanish one of the most important verbs to learn is "ser" .To practice this using the vocab section there are 20 questions to complete to gain two coins ....if you can get to the end. A separate verb section with a sensible coin reward ,whether just testing the verbs or using sentences (preferably a choice of either would be available) would give people more incentive to practice the fundamentals. Hats off to you for completing the twenty question battery regardless of the frugal reward!!!


The coins aren't a big motivation to me. I think you should earn a coin for every two questions you answer. SImple as that.

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