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Irish Hall of Fame [8-6-16 Update] OVER 100 MEMBERS!

Dia daoibh!

Welcome to the Irish Hall of Fame! This is the place where the best of the best of the Irish community here on Duolingo are honoured. If you think you should be featured here, comment below and we'll be happy to add you :D

Irish Tree Complete

  • AdMac40
  • Alec737
  • alexinIreland
  • AlexinTurkey
  • AlexisLinguist
  • Andywolfma
  • AoifeIRE
  • avrichard
  • AyHaich
  • Azure_Waters
  • BAJansen
  • bemk92
  • biauwaz
  • blas3nik
  • bob1745
  • BobArrgh
  • bookrabbit
  • Brendan_nadnerB
  • CaolMcHugh
  • Cap_OConnor
  • CassandraGreer
  • CatMcCat
  • cchase007
  • Ceid-Donn
  • centonola
  • Chrisg51
  • Ciano29
  • ClisareAddict
  • Codedfox
  • Colton.Lavalette
  • conorjh
  • crussmor
  • CuChulainn9
  • DavidColli4
  • deborahscnj
  • dee_nc
  • Eard_Stapa
  • eino81
  • ekeav
  • Elorac72
  • enifish
  • EoghanMurc
  • EpicAwe
  • erlerjr
  • EufemiaHZ
  • eyespiikgud
  • Fachtna.Hollow
  • ffirdafz
  • fichetri
  • Fingolfin1346
  • FinnishMetalhead
  • Flying_Frenchman
  • galaxyrocker
  • GavinArmstrong
  • GearoidinOg
  • georgeoftruth
  • gnthrgrmm
  • Gormisbui
  • heathermagoo
  • IsAmhranaiMe
  • jack.hanley
  • jackmchugh12
  • jamesieb
  • JamesWSneed
  • Jillianimal
  • Josh.Hogan
  • kevinccawley
  • KierenMcCormack
  • klimt26
  • Knocksedan
  • kplife
  • Lancet
  • laneuffer
  • laura.doherty
  • LaylaKnowe
  • M4rt4a
  • magickman
  • miyavmiyavpurr
  • moloughl
  • mydill
  • niamhwitch
  • NohTaebin
  • norwegianred
  • odoinn
  • oldflapjacks
  • OliverCasserley
  • paddyobrien
  • patharvel
  • peadar14
  • PolMicheal
  • proinsias123
  • ProinsiasOFoghlu
  • ptiernan
  • putinpresident
  • Quercus_Petraea
  • Russell_Eire
  • sctroyenne
  • sigmacharding
  • silmeth
  • Soolrak
  • soupandbread
  • SteCymru14
  • StephMPotter
  • steveisthemac
  • Super-Svensk
  • TerryMcBride
  • TMcG
  • TonyMatthe
  • TravellersFeet
  • woodsorm
  • XD29
  • zorgzikhnit

114 Complete!

Level 25 in Irish

We know you can do it!

  • Cap_OConnor
  • crussmor
  • Fachtna.Hollow
  • Fingolfin1346
  • KierenMcCormack
  • klimt26
  • Knocksedan
  • LongHenry
  • mwasson
  • mydill <-- First!
  • OliverCasserley
  • PennyWhistler
  • TerryMcBride

Seachtain na Gaeilge Challenge 2015

  • Day 1: magickman
  • Day 2: galaxyrocker
  • Day 3: bob1745
  • Day 4: AoifeIRE
  • Day 5: scilling
  • Day 6: heathermagoo
  • Day 7: No winner
  • Day 8: No winner
  • Day 9: MissZahrah
  • Day 10: Hop-all-the-way
  • Day 11: dancelmarie
  • Day 12: ProinsiasOFoghlu
  • Day 13: cflovett
  • Day 14: No winner
  • Day 15: No winner
  • Day 16: jackmchugh12
  • Day 17: AoifeIRE
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Special thanks to Alexislinguist for inspiring this post :D

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March 1, 2015



I celebrated St Patrick's Day by reaching Level 25 in Irish!


Congrats! I've added you to the list....please excuse the delay :)


Please add my name to the list, Alex!

That was an amazing tree, especially the later skills. I loved all the pop culture references and just plain ridiculous sentences (like seriously, dhíoladh an scáth drugaí???). Very fun, and thorough. I'll be reviewing for a long time yet, so can't wait to see it expand. Thanks, Team Irish!


Thanks for all the kind comments, Alexis :D I'm glad you enjoyed the course! Hopefully I should have a feedback survey made soon and I'll be sure to send it to you! Oh, and I've added you to the list!


Tá fáilte romhat agus go raibh maith agat!


Aaaand I got there too. I am a bit proud (since neither Irish nor English is my first language) and sad (because it feels a bit like an end of a great journey) at the same time. I'm thinking about writing a topic on how I feel about where I got with this course, but I am unsure if anyone would bother reading it at all...

Edit: I almost forgot: Go raibh maith agaibh don chúrsa agus craic iontach!


You're on the list now :D


Go raibh maith agat! :)


I finished my tree as well.


Finished the tree on my hundreth day!


Congrats! You're on the list now!


I finished my Irish tree. Can I please be added to the list?


Hi, I completed my Irish tree some days ago, pls add me.


Fuair mé Ulchabhán Órga na Gaeilge :D An féidir liom a bheidh ar an líosta? ^^


Tá tú ar an liosta anois :D

[deactivated user]

    I completed the tree a little over a month ago.


    I've added you to the list :D


    Just finished my tree!


    Congratulations! I've added you to the list :D


    I've completed the Irish tree! May I please be added?


    Of course! Added now :D


    Hey! I just finished the tree today! could I be included in the Hall of Fame? Go raibh maith agat!


    Shrioch mé leibhéal 25!. Go riabh mile maith agat. I have really been wanting to learn Gaeilge for years but I couldn't find anything that helped.


    Wow! Congratulations :D That is really impressive :) I've added you to the Hall of Fame :D


    I would like to be added to the list also. And while I'm here, does Team Irish have any plans to expand the tree, like the way the German tree was recently overhauled?


    I've added you to the list :) We do indeed have plans to expand the Irish tree, but we don't have the ability to do so yet. We are waiting for the Duolingo team to give us the go ahead :)


    Finished the Tree!


    Dia daoibh, ar deireadh chríochnaigh mé mo chrann inniu. :) Go raibh maith agat. :)


    Tree completed some time ago. Now doing a revision or two a day.


    I have finished the tree but I'm still struggling. An féidir leat m'ainm a chur ar do liosta le do thoil!


    You're not struggling, you're learning :-)


    Happy to have found this Irish course! Only started yesterday and I bet it's gonna be a tough ride, but I'll give it my best try.


    Is this still being updated? I just finished my tree and would love to be added. I'm working towards being level 25 right now...


    Tá mo chrann críochnaithe freisin.


    Tá tú ar an liosta anois!


    Quite jealous of all of you. Irish is the one tree I've been having trouble with.


    Finished the tree in the autumn--didn't realize this list was here!


    You're now in the hall of fame! (Sorry for the delay :/)


    I just completed my Irish tree! Can you please add me too?


    That's just wonderful. Three cheers for meamhmeamhcrónáncait !!!


    You're now on the list!


    Thanks for posting! Have some lingots!


    I'm happy to announce that I completed my Irish tree today! :)


    Sorry for the delay :( You're on the list now!


    No problem! Thanks for adding me, and thanks for reminding me that I need to go back and review my Irish tree ;)

    • 2631

    Hi, I completed my tree today and reached level 25. A very big day for me! Many thanks to those who created the course and/or shared their expertise. I've really enjoyed it, but still have a long way to go.


    Wow! Congratulations :D You're the first person to be added to the Level 25 section of the Hall of Fame :D


    Congrats on reaching level 25!

    • 2631

    Thank you. And congrats yourself for finishing the tree.


    I've also finished mine :'D


    Congrats! I've added you!

    [deactivated user]

      Please add me to the list. I'm listed on the Golden Hall of Fame for finishing the Irish tree 4 months or so ago but since that thread isn't active ATM, I'd appreciate it if you'd add me. Go raibh maith agaibh/Tapadh leibh.


      Shroich mé leibhéal 25!! . Can you add me to that list? GRMA. Keep going everyone it can be done! Go n-éirí libh!


      Congratulations! I've added you above :)


      Thank you very much.


      Wow, 82 people finnished their Irish tree... That's impressive...


      Hi, I finished my tree quite a while ago. Add me, please.

      • 1198

      Completed my Irish tree today.


      Congratulations! I've added you to the list :)


      After 9 months, I finally cleared the Irish tree. I'm kind of sad that it's over. I guess now is a good time to work on my problem areas. I'm so glad I found this site when I did. I've been recommending it to dozens of people.


      Hit 25! It's been so much fun; GRMA! Now, to finish the tree...


      Comhghairdeas! I've added you to the list :D



      Not sure why I didn't say something earlier =/


      Congrats! Sorry about the delay, but I just got around to updating the Hall of Fame after neglecting it for a while...


      I commented on this posted a little over a week ago when I finished my tree. My comment has disappeared since then. I'd like to be added to the list, le do thoil agus go raibh maith agat.


      Sorry, your original comment was seems to have been lost in the many comments here :/ I've added you to the IHOF! Sorry about the delay, too :(

      Edit: I'll also add you to the level 25 section of the Hall of Fame


      No problem, my friend, and thank you.


      Finished my tree today with a 36 day streak.


      Congrats! I've added you :) (Please excuse the delay)


      I have completed my Irish tree. Also a big go raibh maith agaibh to the Irish team for this amazing course.


      Thank you! Congratulations on finishing your tree. Sorry about the delay, but I've just added you now!


      Go raibh maith agat


      Just completed my tree today! So very grateful for all who helped make this!!


      Thank you and congrats! Sorry for the delay, but I've just added you to the hall of fame :)

      • 2202

      Hello, please add me, I finished my Irish tree today (19 Nov 2015). Thanks!


      Congratulations! I've added you to the list! Sorry about the delay :(

      • 2202

      Thanks for keeping this list going - never mind about the delay. Can't wait for tree 2.0!


      Chríochnaigh mé mo chrann!


      Comhghairdeas! I've added you to the list!


      I'm sorry my tablet seems to hate liking posts , can't seem to change it back ,so here lingot


      Chríochnaigh mé an crann! :-)


      Just finished my tree!


      Congrats! Sorry for the delay!


      Ó mo Dhía! I finished my tree in October, I didn't realise this was a thing!


      Congrats! Sorry for the delay! You're in the hall of fame now


      Thank you, Alex!


      I finished my Irish tree! whoop!!!!


      Congrats! I've added you to the list. Please forgive the delay!


      Go raibh maith agat! Go Alex go! :D

      • 1619

      Chríochnaigh mé mo chrann inniu :)


      Comhghairdeas! Maith dom an mhoill :/

      • 1619

      Go raibh maith agat!


      Chríochnaigh mé mo chrann freisin ach níl mé ar an liosta. Go raibh maith agaibh. Gorffennais i fy nghoeden hefyd ond dwi ddim yn ar y rhestr. Diolch yn fawr iawn.


      Comhghairdeas leat! Tá tú ar an liosta anois, a chara. Maith dom an mhoill.


      Go raibh maith agat. Diolch yn fawr.


      chriochnaigh mé mo chrann . Can I be added please. Level 22. go raibh maith agat agus buiochas leat'


      Comhghairdeas! Tá tú ar an liosta anois. Maith dom an mhoill.


      Maith thú, a Oliver!


      Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit, a chara.


      I finished my Irish tree in December 2015!


      Congratulations! I've added you to the list, and please excuse the delay!


      I just finished the Irish tree today (2/4/16) and wanted to send a hearty GRMA to all the Irish course creators and moderators. I am looking forward to keeping my skills strong and, of course, finishing the tree again when Irish 2.0 is released!


      Congratulations and thank you very much! I've added you to the list!


      Finally finished my Irish tree! Now, to practice and wait for 2.0.


      Congrats! I've added you to the hall of fame, sorry for the delay!


      Dia daoibh, a dhaoine Uaisle, Chríochnaigh mé mo chrann inniu. An féidir liom áit a fháil sa Halla na Laochra? Go raibh maith agaibh! (Nílim líofa fós, ar chor ar bith, ach b'fhéidir lá amháin...... ^__^ )


      Comhghairdeas leat! Tá tú ar an liosta anois!


      I finally finished the tree today! A huge thank you to Alex and the rest of the contributors who developed Tree 1.0. You have no idea how much I appreciate you creating this course!!!!! I am really looking forward to Tree 2.0 and the new audio. Thank you in advance for both of those items!


      Thank you very much for your kind words! I've just added you to the hall of fame, sorry for the delay :D


      hey! finally finished my tree! :-) can i go on the list? :-D


      Sorry for the delay, I've just added you to the list!


      I've just finished the Irish tree - please could you add me to your list?

      Thanks for a great course (and looking forward to Tree 2). In all honesty, I doubt I'll ever be able to 'speak' Irish - my aim was to understand something of the grammar to make it easier to decipher written Irish (and Scots Gaelic, since Duolingo doesn't have a course for that yet). I have a long way to go before I'd consider myself to 'know' the course material, but there's no way I'd have come anywhere near this close without this course. So GRMA. :)


      I just finished my skills tree in Irish :) :) Delighted!! Time to go back and make sure I don't forget anything!!!!


      Congrats! I've added you above!


      Yay!! Thank you!! :)


      Tá crann an Dhuolingo croíchnaithe agam dhá lá ó shin. ;-)


      Comhghairdeas! Tá tú ar an liosta anois :D


      Ba bhreá liom bheith ar an liosta seo chomh maith, mura miste libh? (Chríochnaigh mé an crann bliain ó shin ach ní raibh a fhios agam go raibh liosta ann!) :-)


      I just finished my tree! I'm actually a little sad now, since I've been working on it for so long...but it's still great! Next challenge: Welsh

      [deactivated user]

        Great! You'll find there are many similarities between the two languages.


        I finally reached the end. Still the learning continues.

        • 2604

        I have a golden owl in Irish too! (but I've only reached level 23 so far).


        I have completed the tree and have the owl may I be added to the list please.


        I've finished the tree. Would you please add my name?


        Rinne mé leibhéal 25 !


        Dia duit - I like to be listed as well. I have just gotten my shiny new Irish owl. Yes, I made it ☺I am so happy and looking forward to keep it golden.


        Ba mhaith liom m'ainm a bheith curtha leis an líosta seo, le do thoil :) Chríochnaigh mé an chrann tamall beag ó shin. Leibhéal 14 faoi láthair, ag obair go dian a bain Leibhéal 25 amach..

        (Irish fluent speakers please correct any errors you see)

        [deactivated user]

          Maith thú!

          ag obair go dian a bain Leibhéal 25 amach.

          ag obair go dian chun Leibhéal 25 a bhaint amach.


          Thanks again for your corrections :)


          Chriochnaigh mé mo chrann.


          Chríochnaigh mé crann na Gaeilge freisin.

          (Is the list updated though? Is there another more up to date list that I should join?)


          Given that a number of the replies confirming addition to the list are from "[deactivated user]", I would not hold my breath :)


          Including the first post with the list itself... Yes, that was a stupid question :)


          Chríochnaigh mé an crann am ar fad ó shin. Ní raibh a fhios agam gur bhí sé ann.


          Chríochnaigh mé an crann sa deireadh thiar thall! Anois, leibéal 25 a baint amach...


          Chríochnaigh mé mo crann!


          <---------Irish Tree Complete!!!!!!!!!


          I finished my Irish tree several months ago. Please add me to the list


          Finished Irish a few weeks ago but the tree was not all gold, a few of the previous lessons needed redone. I finally got the tree completely gold today 20/Now/2017


          I finished the tree. Please add me


          Please add me to the list of those who have completed the tree!


          I didn't know this existed until now, but I loved reading through it because I recognized several names as people who taught me solid grammar points in various threads!


          There is a probably more up to date list available at https://www.duome.eu/ga/


          I've reached level 25!


          Do you have to finish the Irish tree to be put on the list?


          In it's current form, you must complete the Irish tree, reach level 25 in Irish or win a SnaG challenge to be included.


          Ok. Just wondering. Thanks anyway!


          Chríochnaigh mé an crann, mar sin cur m' ainm ar an liosta le do thoil!


          Sorry I am late in replying, been away from Duolingo for a while, thanks for adding me to the hall of fame.


          What was the Seachtain na Gaeilge Challenge?


          Put "Seachtain na Gaeilge: Day" (with the quotation marks) in the Irish Discussions Search box to find out.


          No need for the word day at the end of that. Seachtain na Gaeilge means Irish Language Week!


          The ending “: Day” helps to restrict the search results to the actual challenges.


          Hi there - not sure if I've missed it somewhere - is level 25 the highest level for Irish? I just started not too long ago, so I don't think I can see the complete tree on my own page. Thanks in advance!


          Level 25 is reached when you earn 30,000 XP in a language - that is true for all languages, not just Irish. "Levels" are just an indication of how many XP you have earned - in the case of non-Immersion language like Irish, it's a reflection of how many exercises you have completed in the language (though in theory, you could do the very first lesson 3,000 times and reach level 25 without learning anything but the vocabulary taught in those few lessons).

          "Levels" don't have anything to do with how far you have gone through the course - you can complete the current Irish Tree at level 13 or 14, though once the tree is expanded when Tree 2.0 is released, it will take longer to complete the tree, which will mean that you will earn more XP while completing it, which will mean you will reach a higher "level".


          Clear and helpful, thank you!


          which brings up the question: is Tree 2.0 still on track for release this week? Or has the timeline been adjusted?


          Beats me - I only know what I read in the Irish Discussion stream. It will be ready when it's ready.


          Can I ask, how fluent can you become with level 25+? Is there any parallel to the junior or leaving cert Irish?


          The purpose of Duolingo is teach you the fundamentals of the grammar and enough of a vocabulary for basic communication. As such it's not comparable directly with the Junior Cert or the Leaving Cert, but those students who struggle with the Junior Cert or the Leaving Cert because they've never really learned the basics of grammar and enough of a vocabulary for basic communication (depite years of Irish in school) can certainly benefit from the Irish course.


          I am ready with Irish tree on level 5 !

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