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  5. "Hans kone kan lide alting."

"Hans kone kan lide alting."

Translation:His wife likes everything.

March 1, 2015



It's the MDMA, I guess?


She sounds like a prize.


Is there a reason it is not "kan godt lide alting", or is this just something that has to be rote learnt?


"to like" is literally "kunne lide". This "godt" makes it stronger, but it isn't necessary.


To me, "Kan godt lide alting" just sounds weird. "Kan godt lide" sounds like something that you really do have a positive interest in, something that makes you happy. It seems that "kan lide" sort of means that it just goes well with you. Don't take it from me, though. This is just speculation. An actual dane would know better.


The fact that 'lide' means 'suffer' makes this have a much different meaning.


Yeah....it seems to me the translation should be something like "can put up with anything," as in suffer through anything.

(Hmmm....interesting how the single quotation marks on my Danish keyboard - downloaded from Microsoft - cause highlighting.)

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