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A question about copyright

This morning I was translating an article from english to spanish (my native language is Spanish). Somebody asked for help in Twitter. When I finished I realized that it was an article from The Guardian published this morning: ¿does it infringe the copyright?. Thank you

August 21, 2013



We just got an email from you about this report. It is copyrighted material, so yes. It has been taken down. Thanks for reporting! :)

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I have found many copyrighted articles in the immersion section. When I finish a practice, DL sends me to a page to translate. I have learned to first check the source page to see if it is Creative Commons or if it is copyrighted. If it is copyrighted, I leave the page and don't translate any of it. Now that I know from Kristinemc's reply to your post that DL will remove the copyrighted pages, I'll start to report them to the DL staff.


Thank you, Lyarra.


This brings up a question for me. I have uploaded documents from a website that said their content could be used freely, with the exception of one source. That source was the one I most wanted to use. So I wrote to them and asked for and received permission to use their material on Duolingo's site. How would other users or staff know I have permission? Do I need to submit something?


Hi, this raises a question I had... Does it work as you describe? There's an Italian online magazine I'd love to read through DuoLingo, but I haven't uploaded anything. I thought it might be a service DuoLingo would consider commercial. So if I ask the editors, and they agree, Is that ok by DuoLingo?

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