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Different lesson tree for different people?

I am studying Spanish with my girlfriend, and I've noticed she has some timed bonus rounds in lessons, while I do not. For example, her Food had 11 nodes and mine had 9. The two extra nodes for her were timed bonus rounds. Same thing for Plurals, where she had one more than I did - again a timed bonus round.

Also, when she's doing the "Refresh" lessons, she gets a timer and I do not.

I have no problem completing anything timed, I sometimes finish with over 1 minute remaining, and I would like to have these timed exercises too. What's going on? Why is her lesson plan different from mine?

December 6, 2012



Same thing happens with me and my brother. I'm doing Portuguese and he is doing German and he has never gotten a time trial but on the other hand I can expect those in every lesson at least 4 times! They are challenging to say the least, hard to put the pronunciation marks when doing those. But yeah, it does seems like it's a different setup for everyone.


Dear Duo!

Same problem here! Neither in Spanish, nor in German...I don't have any bonus or translation lessons, just 2-3-4-5 lessons in every module. Also, the graphics of my gf's skill tree is very different... with more options, 'Learned' and 'Mastered' states. I don't have any of those :( :(

It's strange, and this applies also to the same languages.... my German skill tree and all of its modules are just basic, her tree is advanced with more lessons, as I described above.

Why are these differences? Do I have to registrate again to get those extra lessons or what?

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