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potential bugs/erroneous translations

Apologies in case I got those wrong but I believe these could errors/bugs in the Swedish course:

1 - Original Sentence: "Vad heter din tvilling?" --My translation: "what is your twin name?" --Got an error saying the right translation is: "what is your twin named?" I think mine was correct too.

2 - "Min farfar är advokat" --My translation: "My grandpa is an attorney" --Got an error saying the right translation is:"My grandfather is an attorney". I've been using grandpa for translating farfar in other duolingo exercises and it was accepted.

3 - "Min pappa är bonde" --When tapping on the word "bonde" the proposed translation tip is "bonde"

I kept screenshot for those 3 cases.

In case I'm posting this kind observations in the wrong place, please accept my apologies and let me know where I can notify this kind of things.

Thanks, Gp

March 1, 2015


  1. I don't think your version is right, but I think it would be if you added an 's: What is your twin's name? The machine tries to find the closest possible answer to what you input.
  2. We've obviously missed that combination. Please only report cases like this via the Report a problem button.
  3. I've encountered this problem in many courses, it seems to be a global Duolingo bug. It's been reported before and there's nothing more we can do about it, this is something Duo staff must fix for us.

Thank you for helping us improve the course!


Thanks! And thanks to all the others who promptly replied. I might have sight problems :) but I can't find "report a problem" or "discuss sentence". I use the iOS mobile app, maybe those features are not available on that platform.


Below the sentence there are "discuss sentence" and "report error" buttons that you might want to look at.


Number 3 seems to be an error in the hint, and number 2 an inconsistency in what Duolingo accepts as right or not (which happens, as it's pretty much impossible to think of ALL possible right translations for any given practive sencence) - you can can report these using the 'report error' button at the bottom of the excercise page.

Your English sentence for number 1 is not correct, though - "what is your twin name?" would suggest that the person you're asking has a special "twin name" as opposed to their regular name - you're asking about the name of their twin sibling, however, so you'd need a possessive 's to make it correct: "What is your twin's name?"

Mind you, to me personally Duo's version of "What is your twin named?", though gramatically correct, sounds a bit awkward - I'd go with the "What is your twin's name?" as you would usually ask people "What's your name?" in actual conversation rather than "What are you named?"


Well, for #1, I think the DL answer makes a little more sense. "Twin name" sounds kinda confusing. For #2, Grandpa is a dimunitive of Grandfather, but it prolly should be accepted, in my humble opinion. #3, I believe there is a "Report question as incorrect" button, and one is given the option of "hint is incorrect", if my memory serves me. :) Good luck on Swedish!

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