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How is Irish pronounced?

Pretty much no guide I could find matched what I heard on YouTube or in this course. The broad/slender distinction is more often than not indaudible if not non-existent, vowels are realised very differently from how they’re written, some consonants were not pronounced at all, and, most notably, the rhotics were approximants rather than taps or trills. Special mention goes to the word praghas ‘price’, which is pronounced similarly to its English source―why isn’t it spelt, I dunno, *práidheas?

It’s all very frustrating.

March 1, 2015



Actually praghas doesn't come from English. It comes from Normal French.

However, if you want audio: focloir.ie has samples of most words. And, if not, look for Bríd on Forvo.com.

But, you are correct. The speaker used by this course basically just maps English phonemes onto Irish words, sometimes adding /x/, though usually just saying /k/. It really needs to be updated.


cough See here for the latest cough :)


Is there any contemporary pronunciation guide I can look into?

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