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"My apples are not red."

Translation:Mis manzanas no son rojas.

5 years ago



A temporal problem I think. If you have Granny Smith apples they will never be red and ser makes sense. If you have Macintosh apples which haven't turned red yet then I'd guess that estar makes more sense.

4 years ago


When do we use mis and when do we use mi ? I got it wrong for using mi.

1 year ago


Mis is when the object (in this case, apples) is plural.

Mi is for singular objects (apple).

1 year ago


Why is it rojas rather than rojo?

1 year ago

  1. The object in this case is plural. The color reflects this too, hence "rojaS"
  2. The object is feminine, hence the color is too. Therefore "roja" and not "rojo", which is masculine.
1 year ago