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More language combinations? (Eg: French from Spanish, etc)


I am loving Duolingo so far! :-). Learning while playing. Wonderful :-).

My only small problem with it is that as a Spanish speaker using it to learn French... Many times the mistakes I make come from my translations failing from jumping through 2 languages (French-->Spanish-->English). If I do not pay a lot of attention I am very error prone on the English side since my brain has the "French Mode On".

I consider myself fluent in English, but at the end of the day it is not my mother tongue and it shows.

Would it be possible to cross the databases to allow for Language1-->Language2? Are the same sentences available in all languages or are they different for each course?

Anyway, thanks a lot for the program!! It is the best one out there, and for free! I'm very excited about it.

August 21, 2013



They're planning on adding a feature to allow users to add languages. As soon as this happens there will be many more language combinations, but the Duolingo team themselves won't be adding anymore languages.


Yeah I think duolingo is planning about adding new features.But I think Duolingo needs some more time they are only a year old anyways.There are lots of ideas to be chosen .Wonderful idea marialch:)


Hello, i'm from Colombia and we need your help , we (latin american people) want to learn english and i propose you Do Hangouts about diferents topics with people that speak english and spanish and so learn together. What do you think about it?


¿Pero estás registrada como angloparlante aprendiendo español? ¿Ingeniería inversa?

However, are you logged as english-speaker learning spanish language? Reverse engineering?


Si, lo hago para contactar angloparlantes para hacer hangouts..and practice english!!


Hola, soy de inglaterra, y necesito tu ayuda tambien! me gustaria mejorar mi espanyol, pero yo no conozco a muchos hispanoparlantes en mi ciudad.... puedes hablar conmigo en ingles, espanyol, es igual, puedo responder a todas sus preguntas sobre ingles


:-) El problema es que lo que yo intento aprender es francés, con mi inglés estoy contenta (trabajo para americanos, tengo el hangout en vivo y en directo a mi alrededor todo el día :-) )


At the end of the day? Error prone? And it shows? I'm loving it? Jumping through two languages? Even, "FRENCH MODE ON"!

My god, if you have any doubts of having mastered English at this point, just forget them please :)

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